Thursday, 27 December 2012

Christmas Beauties

I heard of soap and glory before through magazines and also other bloggers but never really tried any products...
One of my christmas presents included a huge bag of soap and glory products which i must say i can try everything which is great so i dont have to spend on individual products only to find I dont like them this is not the case so far I must say. This morning I have tried the peaches and clean 4 in 1 wash off deep cleansing milk, at first I wasnt sure if i would react to it as I am quite sensitive on my face but as it smelt so good which is always the most attractive factor i could not resist! After popping it on and rubbing it in, the texture of it feels amazing, i then washed it off and my skin feels glowing! Perfect one of my christmas presents! Love spoilt brat me!
x S x

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Christmas Eve Eyes

Last night as father christmas was visiting I wanted to look my best! I wanted some sparkly bling makeup so I drew in my eyebrows as I do like my eyebrows being tidy but thick, put my false eyelashes on, sprinkled some MAC silver loose glitter on with eyelure eyelash glue and then popped some little gems on the corners of my eyes. After putting it all on i did think to myself what a late night it could possibly be and how long it would take to get off but in actual fact it with my miracle Clarins Makeup remover it gets rid of all in such a short space of time and doesnt use alllll my cotton wool pads! Happy Christmas!!
x S x

Monday, 17 December 2012

Dry Me Up

When washing my hair even though it is short it does tend to take a while to wash, dry and style, so recently I will admit that as I have been working alot lately I haven't had as much time in between shifts to wash my hair as I literally eat on my break, chill out for a bit, get some christmas shopping done or what not and go back to work. But rushing in a supermarket the other day as it was the only place I was able to stop they didn't sell my usual so I bought TRESemme Dry Shampoo. It does work and does the job it is supposed to but I am not the biggest fan of it, it takes alot to use and it also makes a massive cloud around yourself which my boyfriend does tend to cough quite alot if I use it in front of him. I am the biggest fan of Batiste dry shampoo its a miracle in a can and it comes in whatever smell you fancy and even the volume one does wonder for a bit of bounce so unless a dry shampoo can beat my winner I think I will be sticking to it.
Any dry shampoo suggestions I would love to hear...

x S x

Friday, 14 December 2012

Christmas Colour Kisses

I am loving trying out lipsticks all the time I am definetly a little addicted but how many different shades of red can you have? do they all look the same? For a christmas party I went to I wore a red lipstick and had an absolute nightmare all night eating and drinking I was in and out of the toilet touching up my lips. This week I have a new colour its by Sleek Makeup in the colour Candy Cane and Im yet to test it for a whole night out but the colour is lovely!

Monday, 10 December 2012

Beauty School Passed!!

Halfway through my beauty course I have covered waxing, eye treatments and facials so far, still very much enjoying it and best of all I have passed three of my exams which is good news before christmas!!

Winter Balmy

It's winter time and the need for lipbalm is my must have. I always have to carry something to soothe my lips otherwise the burning sensation is very painful and I also have this rather annoying habit of biting my lip which Mr Christian Grey would have a field day with if you get my drift haha! It always happens that I go off shopping forget to pick one up and end up buying another one in town and they all end up adding up that I have one in every coat pocket which I thought I had lost.
With my lip balm addiction there are all sorts that I just love either because of the packaging or the smell or the application.

 Always a choice when shopping in Primark as you can pick one up at the counter, they are only a pound and lets face it the smell of coca cola is so delicious you want to eat them!

A winner for me I love the little pot it comes in the smell is not my favourite as I like quite sweet smells but it is so soothing when I have those sore, chapped lips.

Body Shop
I own two of the body shop lip balms with the cool little pop art design and the smell of both are amazing I have the pomegranate and lychee flavour, sticks are always handy as there are no horrible germs coming off your hands like pots and both these have a tint to them the darker one is more of a red and the lychee has a shimmer which is always great if you dont want the stickyness of a gloss!

One of my favourites is the Nivea Honey flavour its really soothing, smells great and makes my lips so soft afterwards.

The coconut flavour Balmi has seen me through the summer it is lovely smelling, tastes great and really makes those lips smooth. It comes in a strange round pot and has a keyring to put on your keys or bag etc. It is a little pricey for lipbalm but you can tell the difference in quality, think I might try the mint one next for winter time as coconut is more of my summer smell!

Vaseline Tins
With Vaseline its not my favourite really it works great but I am not keen on the texture. Other thing is the tin always sticks and if you have manicured hands it always snaps your nails trying to get it open, possibly a personal thing but hey!

Anyone have a favourite lipbalm? Give us a comment love to hear...

x S x

Friday, 7 December 2012

Nailed Christmas

As i got a christmas party tomorrow night I thought id paint my nails as beauty school have banned me from wearing it all the time as clients may be allergic i thought id go a bit special with all different ones. I used Barry M Green paint, Nails Inc Topcoat, Glitter studs and nail art pens from Ebay and Pretty Quik Dry Spray to fix!
x S x

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Beautiful Buy

Hi all, I really need to find time to keep updating my blog I have been awful...Beauty school has definetly been keeping me at work! But I thought i'd give a little combined update of what I have been doing at college and what I have been buying...

At college we are constantly using makeup remover for our facial treatments but with my super-sensitive skin I have a huge problem of reacting to fairly cheap makeup remover which is a pain for me having to splash out on the stuff! I usually buy Clarins makeup remover for home which is an absolute star buy it removes all heavy makeup and you never use too many cotton wool pads but for the amount of time I am at college I am starting to go through it a little too quickly. Solution for people with skin that does not react like mine is to use the college kit makeup remover but if it did not burn so much that would be the answer to my dreams.

Walking into Superdrug to have a look at the latest beauty deals or products to test I saw Nivea Double Effect Eye Make-up Remover on offer for £1.59 so I thought i'd give it a go and because it is an oil based remover I  also needed a non-oil remover especially for college due to tinting (which you can't use an oily product) which was £2 and I must say for my beauty training I am definetly going to be saving a few pennies which makes me a very happy girl! I have tried nearly all the cheaper sensitive brands Johnsons, Simple and nothing has worked always leading my eyes to cry a river and although Clarins will always be my best friend, I will be definetly be using Nivea as my makeup hero!!

x S x

Monday, 5 November 2012

5th November...Remember my nails

                                             Thought id share my themed nails for the day...

Friday, 2 November 2012

Battle of the lashes

Last term at Beauty School we have been learning eye treatments, waxing and part facials so far but since I have been learning eye treatments I absolutely love them and can't get enough! Only problem for me is that I do them but can't do them to myself such as tinting so I have come up with a deal with a fellow beauty bumchum that if I update hers she will do mine in return for free!!
Eyebrows are now looking good they are tinted dark as I have dyed my hair for the winter now and wanted them to match and all shaped which I am now obsessed with keeping them dark, trimmed but thick still personally...
Beauty school when we were told we were putting individual eyelashes on someone else and I was beginning to get a little nervous, would I poke their eye out? would I make them blind? Can I keep my hands that still? Which angle do I put them on? all this running through my head...
Tutors make it look all too easy at college but having them there is like having a beauty guardian angel they know exactly what your worries are and how to solve them by pumping more confidence in you...
It went well my first set of individual eyelashes I started from the outside with medium ones and then getting smaller, I went for a natural look as the girl had to go to work the next day and she didn't want to look like she was on a night out.
Mine however I must admit weren't so nice, I can't knock the girl it was her first try and she may think the same at what I did to hers but I wanted to see how different they feel from strip ones. Definetly a positive you can't feel they are on at all, they look natural and they can last up to a week unlike strip lashes which can be itchy, big and you can't put sunglasses on with them which I have attempted before.

As you can see in the picture they are a little clumpy and although they could look natural they are a little on the unnatural side due to shape but they did last 3 days which I was impressed with and easy to take off if you have an oily makeup remover otherwise they will strip you of your real lashes.

On the other hand I thought id give the strip ones a go that were in my college kit and this was the result ok there is some eyeliner on my top lid making them not as natural but  I could not sleep with these on.
I know which ones I prefer but opinions are always great to me...So give us a quick comment even if it is picture A or B.
x S x

Creepy Cosmetics

Hi all, apologies for not blogging in so long as you may know from my previous posts I have been beauty guinea pig for last 6/7 weeks (going to beauty school) so I have been extremely busy with that. As it was halloween on Wednesday thought I would share my costume with you as I was so excited to go to a party last saturday I could not wait to do my makeup.After hours of thinking of what I could go as I decided on Tim Burtons character Emily the Corpse Bride as I thought the makeup part would be so fun to do.
'The' Dress
Off I went to town and attempted to get an old wedding dress from the charity shop nearby but they had nothing and the one that did cost something like £70 bargain or not, suppose if you are getting married for real it may be?!! In the end I asked friends if they had anything I could have and I ended with a 80s bridemaids dress which was perfect but also ended in shreds as i ripped ir so much... 
For the rest I bought a hen vail from Claire's ripped the 'L' plates off and found some craft flowers that were blue onto it included the tiara. Tescos was a moneysaver I bought a wig for £3-something and sprayed it blue with Superdrug hairpray which was £2.99 (luckily I managed to nab the last can as there was a smurf student night that night) and I was good to go.
The Best Part!
I was so looking forward to putting on makeup that I wanted it to be perfect so I got a picture of Emily from Corpse Bride and tried copying every single bit perfectly so I put on the makeup days before I went to the party just so I knew what I needed and how I was going to do it. I started off with a blue body and face paint from the fancy dress shop called Snazaroo and covered my face and shoulders. I then put a dark blue Shu Uemura eyeshadow all over my eyes even underneath making them really dark and also covering my eyebrows.
 To make the eyelashes look huge I was going to apply falsies but they were supposed to be exaggerated eyes so I drew on my eyelashes instead with a Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Liner dress underneath and eyelids and the flicked the eyelashes. I covered my own eyebrows in order to draw big bold ones with an old eyeliner pencil and also the nostrils aswell and then I used Rimmel Pink Blush Lipstickstick but using a lipbrush to draw a different shape than my own lips are. There we go what a great Halloween Party it was too...Maybe not the next day trying to scrub it off my body.
x S x

P.S The last picture was a little after it was wearing off but thought i'd show my costume in this one!



Friday, 12 October 2012

Little sale treasures!

Like i said before im not really bloggin about fashion but more beauty but i thought id show you all my little bargain that i found in urban outfitters today, see what you all think...
x S x

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Being Beauty Guinea Pig

Sorry for the lack of posts i have had no time lately with work and college. But whilst i have been at college i have had a few exciting treatments and even better for freeee! Firstly for my birthday my lovely boyfriend got me a spa day at a gorgeous health club so my mum and i chilled out in our fluffy robes, had a yummy lunch, a relaxing spa, sauna and swim and ended with a full body massage which once again i managed to fall asleep during but all in all was so nice and i do have a gorgeous boyfriend for getting me that.
College has been good too i am really enjoying my course as a beauty student but the good thing is i have had an eyelash tint and eyebrow tint which was great all for free and the results have been great i have been able to go to work with no mascara wahooo!Not sure if being a waxing guinea pig is good but at least i havent had to shave my legs for a couple of weeks now as they are silky smooth on the other hand i got the short straw being a bikini wax dummy in which most the girls in our class watched me have it done and i do have a low pain threshold haha! I know i am going to have to sit through a underarm wax in the next couple of weeks which i am bricking it but beauty is pain right??

Any waxing experiences any of you have had love to hear them?...

x S x

Monday, 17 September 2012

Wonder Brows

I have noticed recently that I think I do have quite thick eyebrows and personally it is the way I like them big but tidy but when I was putting my makeup on I wanted a product that would make them a little precise.
I received a sample of HD Brows palette and I must say this product is an absolute star. The palette has different colours so I can go very dark if I want to or I can just have natural brows, the brush that comes with it is slanted so it is perfect for making a precise shape that I want. When I have the product on my eyebrows just look so more defined so it has definetly made it into my makeup wonders.


Whether my previous posts have showed I do love my lipsticks and recently I have been more daring to wear darker or brighter colours as to wearing nude or pinks. I came across a Lipstick Inspiration from the 1940s decade in the movie Pearl Harbour wouldn't it be great if we lived in a decade still wear you had to look great all the time...I must admit I love my jeans days but I sometimes find I have no occassions where I can get away with wearing bright lipstick!

Well after watching the movie and also reading though some magazines with the dark lipstick trend this autumn I thought i'd give it a go so I pulled out my lip brush and dug out an Rimmel lipstick I believe I bought last winter and thought I'd give it a go! I think I am finally daring enough to wear it out too even if it is drinks with the girls... Back to the 1940s wouldn't that be an experience!
x S x

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Beauty School Drop In

Well tonight I start my road to a career in beauty. I always thought a career in fashion was who I was and wanted to do but whilst I was interning for the beauty department at Look Magazine it inspired me that I would love to further my knowledge in beauty, it has been quite a journey so far but I feel very driven and excited to start my new career in beauty therapy! So i pack my vanity case full of equipment and off i strut to beauty school :-) wish me luck xx
x S x

Monday, 10 September 2012

Hot Essentials

Just returned from a week in Fuerteventura with my mum so apologies for no posts last week. Packing my suitcase I was very suprised that I managed to keep my clothing to a minimum which is very unusual for me as I usually have to do last minute sitting on the suitcase and squeezing hard on the zip to get it shut but actually I did well with keeping it light. My beauty products however took half my suitcase up, I did use all the products I took but I definetly need more in the sunny weather.

The picture is only of some of the products I took but I found I used quite alot for day and night.

 By Day
In the daytimes I was using sun tan lotion Hawaiian Tropic(pictured) aswell as Hawaiian Topic Dry Oil factor 15 these were 2 for 1 in boots and they smell absolutely amazing, I must admit I am addicted to coconut smells for summer though. I also took some P20 Sun Protection this was for trips out when I was on holiday as you only have to apply it once and it lasts all day, perfect for if you don't want to carry too much weight in your bag, must say though it is not a very nice smell but sometimes that must mean it works better (well hope so). I also have a Hawaiian Topic Lip Gloss which protects in the sun but I used Balmi Lip Balm in Coconut for obvious reasons mentioned above. To protect my hair from frizzyness I used Mark Hill Humidity Spray or The Body Shop Hair Shine both lovely smells, humidity spray left my hair a little greasy though.

By Night
After a day in the heat it was off to my apartment to get ready for the evening this ment shower, hair and makeup. Firstly shower I would wash with Radox Smoothie which smells great and is a mini exfoliator after being in the sun all day and topping up your tan the next day. Washing my hair with Clynol Shampoo and condition with Aussie Miracle Moist, before blow drying my hair I put Tony & Guy Heat Protection Spray in and then straighten with my Topshop Straightners which are a perfect size for holiday. Aftersun as it was 2 for 1 on Hawaiian Tropic Products we decided to get both gorgeous smelling body butter and boy! are they yummy and leave your skin feeling refreshed. Top it off with a little Chanel Coco Mademoiselle or Dior Hypnotic Poison.

Personally when I am on holiday and I start getting colour on my face the last thing I want to do is put makeup on just because I get a little too hot and it starts to melt and just generally makes me feel uncomfortable but that is a personal preference and totally understand why people do. I either put on eyeliner and mascara or just mascara, my mascara is YSL Shocking which is the best mascara a girl can have no need for false eyelashes and it gives a nice natural finish which is just what I need with my nice tanned face. Some nights I also wear eyeliner above my top lashes with a little flick at the ends for this I use my bargain wonder product of all which is 2True Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner perfect for a makeup look but with natural skin. I top it off with either some Hawaiian Tropic Lipgloss which i use in the daytimes of sun or I use a simple lipbalm to keep my lips looking soft.

x S x

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Karma is a...

I love perfumes and when I heard about solid perfume I thought i'd give it a try...
I saw that Lush did a range of solid perfumes and in all honesty have never really been in the shop because even walking past the shop gives me a headache from all the fumes from the smelly soaps and products but I thought i'd give it ago as I have had some soaps of theirs in the past (given to me as gifts)!

I tried all the testers in the shop and seeing as I always go for Vanilla I thought i'd try something different but when I rubbed the testers on my hand they didn't really smell of anything and I know you are supposed to put it on the insides of you wrists but I only have two and there are lots more solid perfumes than two...

I went with Karma it was an orange colour and liked the name (yes I know the name) I wanted to go for the blue one but wasn't keen on the smell. Its a screw top type balm stick, perfect handbag size and when I tested it it lasted all night perfect!

After a night of having it on I really wasn't warming to the smell personally (others may think differently of course) I almost felt like I smelt like a walking Lush shop but in terms of handbag size and lasting I would give it the thumbs up!!

Anyone tried any of the other smells?

x S x

Friday, 24 August 2012

Friday Night Kisses

Just a quick post for Friday...Amongst my many lipsticks I came across a Topshop All About Me colour that I received free when i ordered online, amazing colour! Didn't know if i was daring enough to pull it off but couldnt resist as its such a gorgeous colour...! So thought id test it tonight add a touch of lipcote and I am good to go.
x S x

Monday, 20 August 2012

Birthday Beauties

It was my birthday on saturday and got spoilt with lots of gorgeous products...
3D Glitter Nails Inc lovely pink and silver, three chameleon colour changing Barry M love my nail varnishes so I am over the moon!! My boyfriend spoilt me with some Chanel Coco Mademoiselle perfume which is a lovely sweet smell and it also a little travel perfume spray perfect for my holiday which is coming up in a couple of weeks. And finally some Radox Smoothies shower gel little travel size from my mum and dad as one of my little presents again perfect for holiday and one of my favourites!! And thought I'd add my little mouse bling necklace just because its so cute and part of my birthday presents!!

x S x

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Fashion but still beautiful...

I dont usually write blog posts on fashion even though I am technically a fashion grad but i thought id put the question out there anyways... Recently i have lost weight and I bought this pale pink blazer in february before weight loss but even though its around two/three sizes too big do i keep it and wear it like a dress which i heard in glamour was cool at one point or do i give it to the next loving home most likely my mum?...
x S x

Friday, 10 August 2012

Calling anyone with lots of hair knowledge...??

Ok so i have short hair so i dont use alot of hair products but my one miracle, amazing buy is KMS California Hair Play Dry Wax.

I have heard that you should change your shampoo every so often at it gets used to your hair and doesnt work the same...It this the same with my dry wax as I am finding it isnt the same anymore and doesnt give my hair that lift like it used to?...

Any tips would be much appreciated...

x S x

A Little Friday Quote

“Beneath the makeup and behind the smile I am just a girl who wishes for the world.”
-Marilyn Monroe

A Fan of Tan

The Tan Tester
Over the last couple of weeks I have been testing instant, wash off tans ones that arent too pricey also...

1. Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs £7.49
It was my mum that bought this she wanted tanned legs for one day as she was going to a christening so she asked me to apply it for her. It says apply it on your hand and rub it in but I used a mitt, when it went on I paid special attention to all the joints so it didn't go streaky. After a while it did go a little orange but it did last the whole night and the same when I used it on a night out, after a while it did go patchy around the feet though I found.

2. Tanatomicals Aerosol Tan £3.49
I looked at this tan just because I thought if this works it will be an absolute bargain. The instructions are very confusing as it doesn't say whether it is wash off or not but thought i'd give it a go with it being aerosol also as it does say easy application. Well it is not an even application as I had to rub it in although I wasn't supposed to, the colour I must admit was nice it was very dark to begin with but after a while looked fairly natural but I didn't know whether you are supposed to wash off the colour for it to work as it says nothing on the instructions but when I did the colour did look good. I'd say all in all it lasted a couple of days, good for a short term tan and for the price you cannot go wrong. The can did run out after one application though and it does have a biscuit fake tan smell and made my clothes smell of this also!

3. Monu Spa Golden Glow £23
I received a sample of this in my glossybox this month. It does say natural looking tan so I didnt expect to much of a glow but I have really found anything from it?... I applied it like it said and after 3-5 hours it says it will show but I haven't seen any results not sure whether I have possibly not done something but blank...It does have a nice smell though no biscuit type smell you usually get with fake tan...

4. Rimmel Instant Tan £3.99
I think this product is the star!! It instantly goes on in a cream form which I really liked its quite dark so you can see where you are putting it, it doesn't smell horrible and after it dries it has a shimmer effect! Can't fault it and for the price also it lasts longer than one application so you can keep topping up and with British weather it is well needed!

x S x

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Night Out Angel

Couple of Saturdays a friend asked me if I would go out for 'Girls only' night she is a bit down at the moment being single and looking for the one so of course need to be there for your mates. I bought the Max Factor Flipstick in a colour I dont usually go for so I thought i'd test it out especially as you can test how long it lasts for when you are up for hours partying.

The results of this product absolutely amazing! It was easy to put on not sure about the gold effect yet as it certainly doesnt look like what it does in the advert but it stayed on all night with one touch up! Of course with lipstick i always add Lipcote is it my essential lipstick companion which most likely is another reason it stayed on but applying it at 7pm on saturday night it stayed on until the next day when I woke in the morning to realise I haven't taken my makeup off last night arrrgh personal nightmare. I'd love to try the pink colour so if anyone has tried and tested please share details...!!!

x S x

Friday, 27 July 2012

Worth the splash out

In my Glossybox this month I received Clynol Colour Shampoo straight away what do i do unscrew the lid and smell...mmmm smells amazing!
Im someone who spends alot on cosmetics and if the product is worth it fine but this is shampoo and when i saw the price of it I dont think i would shed out £9.95 for shampoo that seems to work the same as any other shampoo. I personally use Aussie that for me is splashing out on shampoo but why is this priced at though and who buys expensive shampoo is what i am curious of?
x S x

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Dating Essentials

First Impressions

Last week I went on date No1 but I really did have a dilema with my makeup! I am the type of girl who likes to wear makeup on most occassions but also sometimes I do like to have days that I can go completely bare and only wear mascara and lipbalm for example. This was an evening occassion so I decided on foundation, natural blush, highlighter and then some natural false eyelashes, I believe it was the right choice to make...

Makeup choice No2

Second date and its hot weather, very hot weather so the last thing I want to have is makeup running down my face when im sticky. What to wear?? he hasn't seen me without makeup yet so this is a tricky decision because if things carry on I will one day be revealing no makeup days but I am certainly not anywhere there yet! We are going for a long walk in the sunny weather so i decide against the false eyelashes as I will have sunglasses on and I put some waterproof eyeliner on my top lid just incase the sunnies do have to come off and a tiny bit of natural blush on my cheeks so at least if I do get hot it wont run, wrong! I look in the mirror (in the pub we stopped at) and my eyeliner is everywhere so I quickly clean it up and it doesn't look so bad.

The Perfect Choice

What is the perfect makeup to wear on a date i'm not sure, I am going to keep on testing this but when is it right to reveal your bare self of no makeup?! Do I have a facial so my skin is glowing and feels so soft that it won't matter I have nothing on but a little mascara?
If anyone has the answer to the perfect dating makeup please let me know your secret...?!!

x S x

Summer of Smells

Body Shop Body Mist

I have alot of body sprays, perfumes but I wanted something sun and holiday smelling to cheer me up when the weather was rubbish. Walking into The Body Shop on offer was many different fruit smelling body mists on offer 2 for £12 which I thought was a bit of a bargain so I thought id give them a go.

I love the smell of coconut in the summer there is just something about it so I picked the scent up and also the satsuma absolutely love sweet smelling scents, the grapefruit one was nice and also the mango, strawberry was a little childlike for my liking but still nice.

The liquid itself doesn't stay for very long I must admit and if you visit Body Shop's website other customers will also tell you this but on the other hand I have found it nice and light rather than having perfume on. Packaging wise it is not a great handbag size but I like the simple design and shall be putting it to the test on my holiday next month.
x S x

Monday, 16 July 2012

Impressed with imPress

In the past I have tried false nails and they are definetly not for me, not only did they feel strange when they were on but the after effect just damaged my nails for so long. I saw imPRESS nails advertised in a few places ok ok i admit maybe it was because Nicole Scherzinger also caught my eye but I thought id give them a go especially as they had stick on application rather than glue!

Instructions and Application

I already had nail varnish on so I was a bit confused whether to take it off of just stick the nail over the top but it provides a wipe to prep so I decided to completely start over clean nails! The wipe smelt hideous may i just add! All the other instructions were easy and simple to follow, perfect!

After application they were a bit too square looking for me and they also had a sticking out part which I wasn't sure what to do so I just filed them so they look shorter and more natural!

False nails normally equal odd ones dropping off especially stick on ones but NO! they survived for nearly a week unfortunetly not a week like it says on the packaging but then again I did probably put them through the wars but they did survive washing up with any damage or chipping!

After Effect
Maybe I should have followed the instructions to use nail varnish remover to get the nails off but I didn't as they were starting to peel away anyway but I was extremely impressed with the fact that they didn't do anything to my nails no damage or anything so they are ready to paint once again!

x S x

My Party Essentials

My night out essentials I start with Estee Lauder Primer, Lancome Foundation, Nars Blush in Gaiety, I put on Maybelline Gel Eyeliner or even Superdrugs 2True Waterproof Eyeliner the top eyelids and then put on my MAC Eyelashes (nicknamed my dollys) which I cannot live without! To finish off I put on Topshop Cheek Highlighter on!
x S x