Friday, 27 July 2012

Worth the splash out

In my Glossybox this month I received Clynol Colour Shampoo straight away what do i do unscrew the lid and smell...mmmm smells amazing!
Im someone who spends alot on cosmetics and if the product is worth it fine but this is shampoo and when i saw the price of it I dont think i would shed out £9.95 for shampoo that seems to work the same as any other shampoo. I personally use Aussie that for me is splashing out on shampoo but why is this priced at though and who buys expensive shampoo is what i am curious of?
x S x

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Dating Essentials

First Impressions

Last week I went on date No1 but I really did have a dilema with my makeup! I am the type of girl who likes to wear makeup on most occassions but also sometimes I do like to have days that I can go completely bare and only wear mascara and lipbalm for example. This was an evening occassion so I decided on foundation, natural blush, highlighter and then some natural false eyelashes, I believe it was the right choice to make...

Makeup choice No2

Second date and its hot weather, very hot weather so the last thing I want to have is makeup running down my face when im sticky. What to wear?? he hasn't seen me without makeup yet so this is a tricky decision because if things carry on I will one day be revealing no makeup days but I am certainly not anywhere there yet! We are going for a long walk in the sunny weather so i decide against the false eyelashes as I will have sunglasses on and I put some waterproof eyeliner on my top lid just incase the sunnies do have to come off and a tiny bit of natural blush on my cheeks so at least if I do get hot it wont run, wrong! I look in the mirror (in the pub we stopped at) and my eyeliner is everywhere so I quickly clean it up and it doesn't look so bad.

The Perfect Choice

What is the perfect makeup to wear on a date i'm not sure, I am going to keep on testing this but when is it right to reveal your bare self of no makeup?! Do I have a facial so my skin is glowing and feels so soft that it won't matter I have nothing on but a little mascara?
If anyone has the answer to the perfect dating makeup please let me know your secret...?!!

x S x

Summer of Smells

Body Shop Body Mist

I have alot of body sprays, perfumes but I wanted something sun and holiday smelling to cheer me up when the weather was rubbish. Walking into The Body Shop on offer was many different fruit smelling body mists on offer 2 for £12 which I thought was a bit of a bargain so I thought id give them a go.

I love the smell of coconut in the summer there is just something about it so I picked the scent up and also the satsuma absolutely love sweet smelling scents, the grapefruit one was nice and also the mango, strawberry was a little childlike for my liking but still nice.

The liquid itself doesn't stay for very long I must admit and if you visit Body Shop's website other customers will also tell you this but on the other hand I have found it nice and light rather than having perfume on. Packaging wise it is not a great handbag size but I like the simple design and shall be putting it to the test on my holiday next month.
x S x

Monday, 16 July 2012

Impressed with imPress

In the past I have tried false nails and they are definetly not for me, not only did they feel strange when they were on but the after effect just damaged my nails for so long. I saw imPRESS nails advertised in a few places ok ok i admit maybe it was because Nicole Scherzinger also caught my eye but I thought id give them a go especially as they had stick on application rather than glue!

Instructions and Application

I already had nail varnish on so I was a bit confused whether to take it off of just stick the nail over the top but it provides a wipe to prep so I decided to completely start over clean nails! The wipe smelt hideous may i just add! All the other instructions were easy and simple to follow, perfect!

After application they were a bit too square looking for me and they also had a sticking out part which I wasn't sure what to do so I just filed them so they look shorter and more natural!

False nails normally equal odd ones dropping off especially stick on ones but NO! they survived for nearly a week unfortunetly not a week like it says on the packaging but then again I did probably put them through the wars but they did survive washing up with any damage or chipping!

After Effect
Maybe I should have followed the instructions to use nail varnish remover to get the nails off but I didn't as they were starting to peel away anyway but I was extremely impressed with the fact that they didn't do anything to my nails no damage or anything so they are ready to paint once again!

x S x

My Party Essentials

My night out essentials I start with Estee Lauder Primer, Lancome Foundation, Nars Blush in Gaiety, I put on Maybelline Gel Eyeliner or even Superdrugs 2True Waterproof Eyeliner the top eyelids and then put on my MAC Eyelashes (nicknamed my dollys) which I cannot live without! To finish off I put on Topshop Cheek Highlighter on!
x S x