Sunday, 18 November 2012

Beautiful Buy

Hi all, I really need to find time to keep updating my blog I have been awful...Beauty school has definetly been keeping me at work! But I thought i'd give a little combined update of what I have been doing at college and what I have been buying...

At college we are constantly using makeup remover for our facial treatments but with my super-sensitive skin I have a huge problem of reacting to fairly cheap makeup remover which is a pain for me having to splash out on the stuff! I usually buy Clarins makeup remover for home which is an absolute star buy it removes all heavy makeup and you never use too many cotton wool pads but for the amount of time I am at college I am starting to go through it a little too quickly. Solution for people with skin that does not react like mine is to use the college kit makeup remover but if it did not burn so much that would be the answer to my dreams.

Walking into Superdrug to have a look at the latest beauty deals or products to test I saw Nivea Double Effect Eye Make-up Remover on offer for £1.59 so I thought i'd give it a go and because it is an oil based remover I  also needed a non-oil remover especially for college due to tinting (which you can't use an oily product) which was £2 and I must say for my beauty training I am definetly going to be saving a few pennies which makes me a very happy girl! I have tried nearly all the cheaper sensitive brands Johnsons, Simple and nothing has worked always leading my eyes to cry a river and although Clarins will always be my best friend, I will be definetly be using Nivea as my makeup hero!!

x S x

Monday, 5 November 2012

5th November...Remember my nails

                                             Thought id share my themed nails for the day...

Friday, 2 November 2012

Battle of the lashes

Last term at Beauty School we have been learning eye treatments, waxing and part facials so far but since I have been learning eye treatments I absolutely love them and can't get enough! Only problem for me is that I do them but can't do them to myself such as tinting so I have come up with a deal with a fellow beauty bumchum that if I update hers she will do mine in return for free!!
Eyebrows are now looking good they are tinted dark as I have dyed my hair for the winter now and wanted them to match and all shaped which I am now obsessed with keeping them dark, trimmed but thick still personally...
Beauty school when we were told we were putting individual eyelashes on someone else and I was beginning to get a little nervous, would I poke their eye out? would I make them blind? Can I keep my hands that still? Which angle do I put them on? all this running through my head...
Tutors make it look all too easy at college but having them there is like having a beauty guardian angel they know exactly what your worries are and how to solve them by pumping more confidence in you...
It went well my first set of individual eyelashes I started from the outside with medium ones and then getting smaller, I went for a natural look as the girl had to go to work the next day and she didn't want to look like she was on a night out.
Mine however I must admit weren't so nice, I can't knock the girl it was her first try and she may think the same at what I did to hers but I wanted to see how different they feel from strip ones. Definetly a positive you can't feel they are on at all, they look natural and they can last up to a week unlike strip lashes which can be itchy, big and you can't put sunglasses on with them which I have attempted before.

As you can see in the picture they are a little clumpy and although they could look natural they are a little on the unnatural side due to shape but they did last 3 days which I was impressed with and easy to take off if you have an oily makeup remover otherwise they will strip you of your real lashes.

On the other hand I thought id give the strip ones a go that were in my college kit and this was the result ok there is some eyeliner on my top lid making them not as natural but  I could not sleep with these on.
I know which ones I prefer but opinions are always great to me...So give us a quick comment even if it is picture A or B.
x S x

Creepy Cosmetics

Hi all, apologies for not blogging in so long as you may know from my previous posts I have been beauty guinea pig for last 6/7 weeks (going to beauty school) so I have been extremely busy with that. As it was halloween on Wednesday thought I would share my costume with you as I was so excited to go to a party last saturday I could not wait to do my makeup.After hours of thinking of what I could go as I decided on Tim Burtons character Emily the Corpse Bride as I thought the makeup part would be so fun to do.
'The' Dress
Off I went to town and attempted to get an old wedding dress from the charity shop nearby but they had nothing and the one that did cost something like £70 bargain or not, suppose if you are getting married for real it may be?!! In the end I asked friends if they had anything I could have and I ended with a 80s bridemaids dress which was perfect but also ended in shreds as i ripped ir so much... 
For the rest I bought a hen vail from Claire's ripped the 'L' plates off and found some craft flowers that were blue onto it included the tiara. Tescos was a moneysaver I bought a wig for £3-something and sprayed it blue with Superdrug hairpray which was £2.99 (luckily I managed to nab the last can as there was a smurf student night that night) and I was good to go.
The Best Part!
I was so looking forward to putting on makeup that I wanted it to be perfect so I got a picture of Emily from Corpse Bride and tried copying every single bit perfectly so I put on the makeup days before I went to the party just so I knew what I needed and how I was going to do it. I started off with a blue body and face paint from the fancy dress shop called Snazaroo and covered my face and shoulders. I then put a dark blue Shu Uemura eyeshadow all over my eyes even underneath making them really dark and also covering my eyebrows.
 To make the eyelashes look huge I was going to apply falsies but they were supposed to be exaggerated eyes so I drew on my eyelashes instead with a Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Liner dress underneath and eyelids and the flicked the eyelashes. I covered my own eyebrows in order to draw big bold ones with an old eyeliner pencil and also the nostrils aswell and then I used Rimmel Pink Blush Lipstickstick but using a lipbrush to draw a different shape than my own lips are. There we go what a great Halloween Party it was too...Maybe not the next day trying to scrub it off my body.
x S x

P.S The last picture was a little after it was wearing off but thought i'd show my costume in this one!