Sunday, 24 February 2013

Break Away Nails

I have been going to Belgium for all my life very random but as I've got older I learnt to love it and use it as a place to just relax, enjoy food and a bit of exercise...

My beauty school nail paint ban I thought seeing as it was half term and I was going away I would paint my nails and do a bit of nail art. I got the pop nail paint a while back I love the colour of this one and the brush is a perfect width for not going over the edge accidents. 

x S x

Saturday, 16 February 2013

10 beautiful facts about me

I never really thought about doing one of these posts but I've been reading a others blogs and they seemed to have liked reading them and I myself have been enjoying reading about others. So here are my 10 facts about me...

1. Country Bumpkin
Took me a while to realise but that's who I am and where I want to stay.

2. My Fashion Past
I have a degree in Fashion but after lots of interning and being part of the Look beauty department decided beauty was for me.

3. Chickens
I am Alektorophobia which is a fear of chickens. 

4. Feet
Podophobia is a fear of feet which does not help me when practicing pedicures at beauty school. 

5. Being Squashed
Claustophobic, common I know but as soon as that one person on a train squashes on I'm done!

I have no idea how much I spend on beauty a month whether its for college, treatments or products I'm totally in love!

7.Back of a Motorbike

My family have always been into motorbikes, my best friend owned a Vespa in which we spent all the time on and Stuart Little (my boyfriend) has one and yes I go on the back of it and I'm not scared which a lot of people do ask me :-)  Plus I now have pink leathers of course!

8. Long Hair

I used to have long hair and decided it took to much of my time not that beauty doesn't but I cut it in the style of Frankie from the Saturdays as she is my hairspiration.

9. Mad Dogs

I love dogs I have two mad labs called Brundle and Erik, they are loud and always excited. When they fight they sound like they are killing each other!

9. Marilyn My Friend

I love Ms Monroe, I love her outfits especially in her films. My favourite has to be Some Like It Hot just because of the quotes, outfits and humour!

10. My Mum

I am very close to my mum, I'm always with her, she knows me very well and unfortunetly knows if I'm hiding something! She has been there through the break ups and upsets, she has been there through the good. We are very similar in many things and she wears neon pink trainers!

Haha we were at a drag show in that picture!

x S x

It must be love...

A little late but I have not got flowers in a long time and late night valentines day I got these beauties which I was not expecting at all...

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Beautiful Heart

Well I had my Valentines a little early as I am currently in a job where I won't be able to have it on the actual day but I thought I'd share some of the things I have got or worn on the love filled day...

As some of you may already know it was a Valentines Glossy Box in there was a very dark lipstick possibly a little vamp for valentines day as I prefer pinks.

I was a little upset last Friday and to cheer me up my mum treated me to a pink bra and knicker set I saw in Primark I love it so I wore it for the occasion yesterday and I also wore my heart earrings which I thought would go nicely with the love theme.

My knight and shining armer made me pancakes in bed yesterday and we exchanged cards.
Well Happy Valentines for tomorrow everyone.
x S x

Monday, 4 February 2013

A week of new and old favourites...

Last week I went on a catch up with one of my uni friends I haven't seen in a while and ended on a little beauty spree for new products to try or just a top up of my old favourites...

First stop was Primark where I picked up a new makeup bag £3 absolute bargain it has so much space in it, also picked up some new hairbands for £3 which I also need for beauty school.

Lashes, Lips and Hair
I bought some new eyelashes for my night out Saturday so I thought I'd give the new Katy Perry Pop ones a try they have a little colour in them and ever better you get a cute little sticker in the packet when I popped them on the were slightly too long so I just trimmed them but the packet also suggests how to style them in other ways which is great. I picked up the new dry shampoo from Batiste as I'm always running out and the new graffiti can look so cool but I can't really tell if it has a new scent to it or not which I thought it would as that's many what I like in hair products. As i was in Boots spending a Christmas voucher I thought I'd pick up another lip butter by Nivea as they are amazing so thought I'd go with the Raspberry one which smells yummy!

Clarins Special Offer
Well it was time to pop into my favourite skincare brand as I was in need of some of the best makeup remover ever which removes nearly all heavy makeup in one sweep its that great especially when you are just off to bed after a night out and can't really be bothered. The lovely lady behind the counter didn't have to convince me too much to take the offer of buying another product and getting 4 other products of your choice (out of a selection of course)and a bag. So my 4 top products I chose:
Hand and Nail Cream which is lovely makes hands so soft and smells great too.
Blusher I have never really tried Clarins makeup but this is a lovely colour and full size can't go wrong. 
Cleanser with Shea butter absolute lovely product again and smells delicious.
Hydrating Serum which is also great for my dry/sensitive skin really gives my skin a boost and used it yesterday after a night out and made my skin feel silky. 
The Clarins bag is so big you can't fit so much in it.

I was also on a little accessory top up and ended up with four cute necklaces for £5 in total from Top shop and Republic.
Happy day shopping!!
x S x