Thursday, 27 December 2012

Christmas Beauties

I heard of soap and glory before through magazines and also other bloggers but never really tried any products...
One of my christmas presents included a huge bag of soap and glory products which i must say i can try everything which is great so i dont have to spend on individual products only to find I dont like them this is not the case so far I must say. This morning I have tried the peaches and clean 4 in 1 wash off deep cleansing milk, at first I wasnt sure if i would react to it as I am quite sensitive on my face but as it smelt so good which is always the most attractive factor i could not resist! After popping it on and rubbing it in, the texture of it feels amazing, i then washed it off and my skin feels glowing! Perfect one of my christmas presents! Love spoilt brat me!
x S x

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Christmas Eve Eyes

Last night as father christmas was visiting I wanted to look my best! I wanted some sparkly bling makeup so I drew in my eyebrows as I do like my eyebrows being tidy but thick, put my false eyelashes on, sprinkled some MAC silver loose glitter on with eyelure eyelash glue and then popped some little gems on the corners of my eyes. After putting it all on i did think to myself what a late night it could possibly be and how long it would take to get off but in actual fact it with my miracle Clarins Makeup remover it gets rid of all in such a short space of time and doesnt use alllll my cotton wool pads! Happy Christmas!!
x S x

Monday, 17 December 2012

Dry Me Up

When washing my hair even though it is short it does tend to take a while to wash, dry and style, so recently I will admit that as I have been working alot lately I haven't had as much time in between shifts to wash my hair as I literally eat on my break, chill out for a bit, get some christmas shopping done or what not and go back to work. But rushing in a supermarket the other day as it was the only place I was able to stop they didn't sell my usual so I bought TRESemme Dry Shampoo. It does work and does the job it is supposed to but I am not the biggest fan of it, it takes alot to use and it also makes a massive cloud around yourself which my boyfriend does tend to cough quite alot if I use it in front of him. I am the biggest fan of Batiste dry shampoo its a miracle in a can and it comes in whatever smell you fancy and even the volume one does wonder for a bit of bounce so unless a dry shampoo can beat my winner I think I will be sticking to it.
Any dry shampoo suggestions I would love to hear...

x S x

Friday, 14 December 2012

Christmas Colour Kisses

I am loving trying out lipsticks all the time I am definetly a little addicted but how many different shades of red can you have? do they all look the same? For a christmas party I went to I wore a red lipstick and had an absolute nightmare all night eating and drinking I was in and out of the toilet touching up my lips. This week I have a new colour its by Sleek Makeup in the colour Candy Cane and Im yet to test it for a whole night out but the colour is lovely!

Monday, 10 December 2012

Beauty School Passed!!

Halfway through my beauty course I have covered waxing, eye treatments and facials so far, still very much enjoying it and best of all I have passed three of my exams which is good news before christmas!!

Winter Balmy

It's winter time and the need for lipbalm is my must have. I always have to carry something to soothe my lips otherwise the burning sensation is very painful and I also have this rather annoying habit of biting my lip which Mr Christian Grey would have a field day with if you get my drift haha! It always happens that I go off shopping forget to pick one up and end up buying another one in town and they all end up adding up that I have one in every coat pocket which I thought I had lost.
With my lip balm addiction there are all sorts that I just love either because of the packaging or the smell or the application.

 Always a choice when shopping in Primark as you can pick one up at the counter, they are only a pound and lets face it the smell of coca cola is so delicious you want to eat them!

A winner for me I love the little pot it comes in the smell is not my favourite as I like quite sweet smells but it is so soothing when I have those sore, chapped lips.

Body Shop
I own two of the body shop lip balms with the cool little pop art design and the smell of both are amazing I have the pomegranate and lychee flavour, sticks are always handy as there are no horrible germs coming off your hands like pots and both these have a tint to them the darker one is more of a red and the lychee has a shimmer which is always great if you dont want the stickyness of a gloss!

One of my favourites is the Nivea Honey flavour its really soothing, smells great and makes my lips so soft afterwards.

The coconut flavour Balmi has seen me through the summer it is lovely smelling, tastes great and really makes those lips smooth. It comes in a strange round pot and has a keyring to put on your keys or bag etc. It is a little pricey for lipbalm but you can tell the difference in quality, think I might try the mint one next for winter time as coconut is more of my summer smell!

Vaseline Tins
With Vaseline its not my favourite really it works great but I am not keen on the texture. Other thing is the tin always sticks and if you have manicured hands it always snaps your nails trying to get it open, possibly a personal thing but hey!

Anyone have a favourite lipbalm? Give us a comment love to hear...

x S x

Friday, 7 December 2012

Nailed Christmas

As i got a christmas party tomorrow night I thought id paint my nails as beauty school have banned me from wearing it all the time as clients may be allergic i thought id go a bit special with all different ones. I used Barry M Green paint, Nails Inc Topcoat, Glitter studs and nail art pens from Ebay and Pretty Quik Dry Spray to fix!
x S x