Sunday, 27 January 2013

Snow Angels

Well as most of us know the snow hit the UK last week and I could not wait to crack out my new moon boots which I got for Christmas and they are so warm I could not stop wearing them even at the end of the snow I wore them right to the end. But I thought I'd share with you some of the new beauties that I have been lovin during the cold, cosy days...

Aussie Dual Personality- I use Aussie shampoo and conditioner always love the smell of them and I switch now and again from volume to dry/damaged but I thought I would try the hairspray to put some bounce back into my hair and again absolutely lovely smell and tip your head upside down and you can put so much volume in to get big hair sorted!
MUA Nail products- Weekly trip into super drug/boots and I found these little babies on offer for £2 bargain. I have been lusting over Ciate caviar since I was on the waiting list when it came out but was always unsure whether it was worth spending on as wasn't sure if I would be any good doing it myself and plus I wasn't willing to pay extra for delivery online but MUA constellation has been just as good and it is really easy to put on plus no wasting... To be continued next week when I test them.
No7 Heated eyelash curler- I know this is a product that hands been around for a while, I also know of people and there DIY heated eyelash curlers by heating a normal pair of eyelash curlers with a hairdryer but it has ended in disaster by doing it so much you burn them off. Because of beauty school I am always getting my eyelashes tinted this means no makeup for 24hours so they are perfect for just having a natural curl to your lashes but one problem I found with No7 is there wasn't much instruction which is not always a great thing but it was a good price £9.99. Word of advice they are found in electrical in boots not eyelash section doh!!
Carmex- Always a great when its cold and you suffer from chapped lips!
SebaMed Anti-dry- I am always getting dry patches around my nose area and the snowy weather made this ten times worse. I received this in my glossy box and starting using it and I must say it does the trick perfectly making my skin lovely soft and glowing!

x S x

Monday, 21 January 2013

Beauty Filled Handbag

I don't know about anyone else but I know exactly what my handbag beauty essentials are... as soon as I am all ready to leave the house makeup is done I know what to chuck in the bag for top ups, smells, emergency products you name it. As my boyfriend and I live at each others houses currently we are backwards and forwards to each others places and when I need to pack a bag for the night I am always thrown with what I will need beauty wise. At Christmas I received two Soap & Glory gift packs which I now keep at one place and one at another so I am always stocked up with wash stuff, moisturiser, scrub it is but when it comes to packing my handbag ends up in a big mess and although I have lovely makeup bags to keep it altogether it never gets put in them...
I always carry my HD Brow Palette which I am in love with I use it every single day, A good mascara I use YSL Mascara or Mac False Lashes, I carry my Estee Lauder concealer and always, always a lipbalm my favourite is Nivea lipbutter but I love the smell of my Body Shop lipbalms, Handcream especially currently with the weather being so cold nothing worse than have cracked, dry hands but Handfood has been the best so far, otherwise my hairbrush and if going to my boyfriends house I always carry my leave-in conditioner smells amazing..!!

This is my makeup bag...I love it and take it everywhere with me if I am staying overnight as it can be a little big to carry in my handbag but I also use it for my wash stuff too! I have so many handy little travel size beauty products from my glossybox that I always fill it up with those. In my makeup/ washbag I carry a clear topcoat of nails inc as I am a beauty student I am not allowed to wear nail varnish often incase my clients are allergic to it but when I am not at college I put a clear coat on to stop my nails from becoming dry and horrible. I also use a dermalogica facial kit it is so handy for when I am away I start of with my Soap & Glory cleanser, I then Spritz over my face(tone) and then use the little moisturiser to finish.

What do you carry in your daily essentials?

x S x

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Top of the Topshop

Topshop Must
As I am always on the Topshop website wishing I could have that and have this I thought i'd share all the must have that I am lusting over! As my blog is mainly beauty I have also thrown some colours I love right now!
x S x

Beauty School Splash Out

Ok so I could have spent a little more actually I can't stop when it comes to equipment I love it but I thought id pop into my local beauty suppliers and bought some more supplies of spatulas and wax strips (and they are pink!) and decided to pick up some facial stuff too for different skin types so everyone gets the right products for their correct skin type when I give facials out of beauty school, happy days! Also picked up some pink tweezers too as i am addicted to them and are my essential too.
x S x


Sunday, 6 January 2013

Nivea Necessity

The other day being up north with my family i took a little trip to boots to check out some new beauty products. I saw that Nivea have bought out a Lip Butter and saw some other reviews on this but thought id give it ago.
As from previous posts about lip balms I am obsessed with them all shapes and sizes haha. As soon as I had a choice of butters from fruity, plain or caramel, caramel was definetly top of my list smells amazing and dont think i own any smell similar. Straight away the texture of it is lovely and smooth but as soon as you pop it on your lips this beauty melts into the cracks of you lips leaving them lovely and soft, to top it all off this little baby on cost £2 something from boots perfect.
My very annoying habit of biting my lips and making them sore has been solved by this little miracle in a round tin.
x S x

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

What a Beautiful Christmas it has been...

Well Christmas zoomed past and it is now the new year but what a spoilt girl I have been... I have been so busy and soon I am returning to beauty school for some more lessons which I cannot wait for. Must admit I did not do alot for New Year but then again I really did enjoy chilling out and catching up on some sleep after seeing the year in with my boyfriend.

Ok so not all of my christmas presents were beauty related but I was certainly spoilt with things I love and even things I have wanted since I was about 9 or 10 years old a Spice Girls Polaroid, strange for some to understand but certainly one that made my christmas. Three pairs of shoes was made me extremely spoilt one in which I hope it snows as they are the warmest boots ever and they are white so I cannot get them muddy.

 Do you think my family are hinting I'm late possibly? Well I do love the box in the picture my mum chose especially. And the watch is from Next a lovely Rose Gold colour which I have asked for for a while but also has a cool leopard print on the strap, have not stopped wearing it since I got it.

Over the last couple of days I blogged about Soap & Glory Cleanser but in my set I also got other products which have all been lovely to use, the hand food is peeeerfect it makes my hands lovely and soft, usually I cannot use hand cream as makes my skin a little itchy. Also the Lip Plumper which I was a bit hesitant in using at first do I really want bigger lips? Does it even work? Well after a minute or so after using it a lovely natural colour begins to tingle and although it's not a huge difference you can see that your pout is bigger and does look good.

My boyfriend knows I love the body shop and I always love sweet smelling lipbalm, so when I saw this pop up in my stocking I knew exactly who it is from (other than father christmas) favourite so far is the tangerine one but all lovely to use and from my previous posts always handy to have in every bag or coat pocket I own!

Well I am off to visit family in Wales tomorrow and taking a trip to Liverpool so I think with a boots voucher I still have to spend I will be making a shopping trip on my travels to top up on new beauty products to try!

Happy New Year!

x S x

Milkshake Heaven

Since I received this full size hair conditioner in my glossybox I am in love. Its leave in which is great as I have a bathroom downstairs so running back and fourth to wash it out is a pain and it comes in a mousse form. I love sweet smelling beauty products this is a dream come true smelling of a mixture of milkshake obviously because that is what it is called but remember cream soda you got it!
x S x

Happy New Year!!!