Sunday, 14 April 2013

Seeing Red

I was reading Look Mag this week and seeing an article on Clarins granddaughters they mentioned a little beauty tip of wearing just red lipstick if you're in a hurry...I have recently been getting into red lipstick and since have my eyelash extensions I have been a little nervous of wearing eye makeup so perhaps lipstick is another option.

Some of them I may have reviewed before but they have their ups and downs...

1. Sleek Makeup True Colour- 
Nice colour, goes on well but needed lipcote to stay put.
2.Jelly Pong Pong LipBlush-
 Star product, so easy to apply like a lipbalm, stays put for so long and no need for lip brush, lovely colour feel like I stepped out the 40s glam look.
3.Yves Rocher- 
I was very disappointed in this, I wore it to a party once  and it smudged everywhere even after lipcote, it also came off in bits which is a little embarrassing. Not for everyday use but shame because its a lovely colour.
4. Maxfactor Flip stick Colour Effect
Another stay put lippy, more subtle red and has a gold colour for as shine. Quite thing tip so easy to put on too.

x S x

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Perfect Storage

Finding myself having to many glossy box boxes and not sure what to do with them got me thinking...So I had a scout on Pinterest for DIY makeup storage as I have so much at the moment and money is a little tight currently. I came across the perfect solution by a blogger  at peachfizzz with step by step guides to how to, it took me no time what so ever and it looks amazing. I customised it with some of the ribbons that also came in the glossy boxes to make cleaner edges and some cute bows but good bit of recycling. Highly recommend checking Peachfizzz blog out!!!

x S x

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

New Found Love...

For aggggges I wanted to get eyelash extensions, I have short stumpy natural eyelashes which I have got off my mum as she always complains of hers too and hate having to wear thick falsies everyday and putting them on before I go out. Well I thought I'd have a look at prices for a full set and came across a lady in Guildford who does them for more of a hobby, she recently trained and is looking for some regular clients so off I went...
She did a deal for me as I went to her place which is in Guildford town centre if anyone is interested let me know I will pass on details. I managed to sit still for two hours and must admit my head was a little achy but I got through it, I absolutely love the result. I went for a more glam look I guess you could say which looks like I a, wearing mascara all the time, they can last for up to 8 weeks going back for infills every so often as they drop out in your lash cycle.
x S x