Sunday, 14 April 2013

Seeing Red

I was reading Look Mag this week and seeing an article on Clarins granddaughters they mentioned a little beauty tip of wearing just red lipstick if you're in a hurry...I have recently been getting into red lipstick and since have my eyelash extensions I have been a little nervous of wearing eye makeup so perhaps lipstick is another option.

Some of them I may have reviewed before but they have their ups and downs...

1. Sleek Makeup True Colour- 
Nice colour, goes on well but needed lipcote to stay put.
2.Jelly Pong Pong LipBlush-
 Star product, so easy to apply like a lipbalm, stays put for so long and no need for lip brush, lovely colour feel like I stepped out the 40s glam look.
3.Yves Rocher- 
I was very disappointed in this, I wore it to a party once  and it smudged everywhere even after lipcote, it also came off in bits which is a little embarrassing. Not for everyday use but shame because its a lovely colour.
4. Maxfactor Flip stick Colour Effect
Another stay put lippy, more subtle red and has a gold colour for as shine. Quite thing tip so easy to put on too.

x S x

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  1. Great post! :)

    I really love the colour of the Maxfactor one. The gold looks gorgeous in it.