Thursday, 2 May 2013

Not Enough Makeup

Being in beauty school and nearly coming to the end of my course I really wanted to get into the beauty industry to work and gain more experience it is something I have really found a passion for. I must say I have had quite a bad experience with one large cosmetics company...After applying 6 months before I had an interview it was all a normal interview with the usual retail parts of it about customers, products and even a math test, the area manager who interviewed me was lovely she made me feel less nervous as I was quite excited about even hearing back from them as it is one of my favourite brands I really wanted the job and would be perfect alongside my beauty course. The interview was over I was told no matter what I would hear some sort of news whether bad or good...2 months passed and nothing! So i decided to contact the manager who interviewed me rather than HR, she explained there was a mess up at head office and she was more than happy for me to interview for another position that was in a different store.

So No2 interview came along, this time as I knew what to expect I was more confident and because I have gained that little more experience in beauty I knew more about what to talk about. It went really well but then came the wear more make up than I was already wearing! Now I love my make up don't get me wrong but I don't feel the need to have all of it, everyday on my face! It really did shock me as I believed it to be a more natural product company and one of my favourites but working there sounded not for me as I don't want to slap on layers of make up.

My Happy Ending
After months of applying and trying I am now working in a salon. My boss has been great helping get experience, clients and most importantly providing me with a job. Its really nice to have someone take a chance on me and help me with the beginning stages of my beauty career, it really is tough out there!
Have you had any bad experiences with large cosmetic companies? Not what you were expecting?

x S x


  1. Awww thank goodness you've got a start in your career, after a rubbish beginning .. Good luck lovely xxx

    Gemma ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

  2. Aww at least you've managed to get a job you like now! I can't believe they tried to tell you to wear more make up! Surely employers can't do that?! Pschhh xx