Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Karma is a...

I love perfumes and when I heard about solid perfume I thought i'd give it a try...
I saw that Lush did a range of solid perfumes and in all honesty have never really been in the shop because even walking past the shop gives me a headache from all the fumes from the smelly soaps and products but I thought i'd give it ago as I have had some soaps of theirs in the past (given to me as gifts)!

I tried all the testers in the shop and seeing as I always go for Vanilla I thought i'd try something different but when I rubbed the testers on my hand they didn't really smell of anything and I know you are supposed to put it on the insides of you wrists but I only have two and there are lots more solid perfumes than two...

I went with Karma it was an orange colour and liked the name (yes I know the name) I wanted to go for the blue one but wasn't keen on the smell. Its a screw top type balm stick, perfect handbag size and when I tested it it lasted all night perfect!

After a night of having it on I really wasn't warming to the smell personally (others may think differently of course) I almost felt like I smelt like a walking Lush shop but in terms of handbag size and lasting I would give it the thumbs up!!

Anyone tried any of the other smells?

x S x

Friday, 24 August 2012

Friday Night Kisses

Just a quick post for Friday...Amongst my many lipsticks I came across a Topshop All About Me colour that I received free when i ordered online, amazing colour! Didn't know if i was daring enough to pull it off but couldnt resist as its such a gorgeous colour...! So thought id test it tonight add a touch of lipcote and I am good to go.
x S x

Monday, 20 August 2012

Birthday Beauties

It was my birthday on saturday and got spoilt with lots of gorgeous products...
3D Glitter Nails Inc lovely pink and silver, three chameleon colour changing Barry M love my nail varnishes so I am over the moon!! My boyfriend spoilt me with some Chanel Coco Mademoiselle perfume which is a lovely sweet smell and it also a little travel perfume spray perfect for my holiday which is coming up in a couple of weeks. And finally some Radox Smoothies shower gel little travel size from my mum and dad as one of my little presents again perfect for holiday and one of my favourites!! And thought I'd add my little mouse bling necklace just because its so cute and part of my birthday presents!!

x S x

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Fashion but still beautiful...

I dont usually write blog posts on fashion even though I am technically a fashion grad but i thought id put the question out there anyways... Recently i have lost weight and I bought this pale pink blazer in february before weight loss but even though its around two/three sizes too big do i keep it and wear it like a dress which i heard in glamour was cool at one point or do i give it to the next loving home most likely my mum?...
x S x

Friday, 10 August 2012

Calling anyone with lots of hair knowledge...??

Ok so i have short hair so i dont use alot of hair products but my one miracle, amazing buy is KMS California Hair Play Dry Wax.

I have heard that you should change your shampoo every so often at it gets used to your hair and doesnt work the same...It this the same with my dry wax as I am finding it isnt the same anymore and doesnt give my hair that lift like it used to?...

Any tips would be much appreciated...

x S x

A Little Friday Quote

“Beneath the makeup and behind the smile I am just a girl who wishes for the world.”
-Marilyn Monroe

A Fan of Tan

The Tan Tester
Over the last couple of weeks I have been testing instant, wash off tans ones that arent too pricey also...

1. Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs £7.49
It was my mum that bought this she wanted tanned legs for one day as she was going to a christening so she asked me to apply it for her. It says apply it on your hand and rub it in but I used a mitt, when it went on I paid special attention to all the joints so it didn't go streaky. After a while it did go a little orange but it did last the whole night and the same when I used it on a night out, after a while it did go patchy around the feet though I found.

2. Tanatomicals Aerosol Tan £3.49
I looked at this tan just because I thought if this works it will be an absolute bargain. The instructions are very confusing as it doesn't say whether it is wash off or not but thought i'd give it a go with it being aerosol also as it does say easy application. Well it is not an even application as I had to rub it in although I wasn't supposed to, the colour I must admit was nice it was very dark to begin with but after a while looked fairly natural but I didn't know whether you are supposed to wash off the colour for it to work as it says nothing on the instructions but when I did the colour did look good. I'd say all in all it lasted a couple of days, good for a short term tan and for the price you cannot go wrong. The can did run out after one application though and it does have a biscuit fake tan smell and made my clothes smell of this also!

3. Monu Spa Golden Glow £23
I received a sample of this in my glossybox this month. It does say natural looking tan so I didnt expect to much of a glow but I have really found anything from it?... I applied it like it said and after 3-5 hours it says it will show but I haven't seen any results not sure whether I have possibly not done something but blank...It does have a nice smell though no biscuit type smell you usually get with fake tan...

4. Rimmel Instant Tan £3.99
I think this product is the star!! It instantly goes on in a cream form which I really liked its quite dark so you can see where you are putting it, it doesn't smell horrible and after it dries it has a shimmer effect! Can't fault it and for the price also it lasts longer than one application so you can keep topping up and with British weather it is well needed!

x S x

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Night Out Angel

Couple of Saturdays a friend asked me if I would go out for 'Girls only' night she is a bit down at the moment being single and looking for the one so of course need to be there for your mates. I bought the Max Factor Flipstick in a colour I dont usually go for so I thought i'd test it out especially as you can test how long it lasts for when you are up for hours partying.

The results of this product absolutely amazing! It was easy to put on not sure about the gold effect yet as it certainly doesnt look like what it does in the advert but it stayed on all night with one touch up! Of course with lipstick i always add Lipcote is it my essential lipstick companion which most likely is another reason it stayed on but applying it at 7pm on saturday night it stayed on until the next day when I woke in the morning to realise I haven't taken my makeup off last night arrrgh personal nightmare. I'd love to try the pink colour so if anyone has tried and tested please share details...!!!

x S x