Monday, 17 September 2012

Wonder Brows

I have noticed recently that I think I do have quite thick eyebrows and personally it is the way I like them big but tidy but when I was putting my makeup on I wanted a product that would make them a little precise.
I received a sample of HD Brows palette and I must say this product is an absolute star. The palette has different colours so I can go very dark if I want to or I can just have natural brows, the brush that comes with it is slanted so it is perfect for making a precise shape that I want. When I have the product on my eyebrows just look so more defined so it has definetly made it into my makeup wonders.


Whether my previous posts have showed I do love my lipsticks and recently I have been more daring to wear darker or brighter colours as to wearing nude or pinks. I came across a Lipstick Inspiration from the 1940s decade in the movie Pearl Harbour wouldn't it be great if we lived in a decade still wear you had to look great all the time...I must admit I love my jeans days but I sometimes find I have no occassions where I can get away with wearing bright lipstick!

Well after watching the movie and also reading though some magazines with the dark lipstick trend this autumn I thought i'd give it a go so I pulled out my lip brush and dug out an Rimmel lipstick I believe I bought last winter and thought I'd give it a go! I think I am finally daring enough to wear it out too even if it is drinks with the girls... Back to the 1940s wouldn't that be an experience!
x S x

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Beauty School Drop In

Well tonight I start my road to a career in beauty. I always thought a career in fashion was who I was and wanted to do but whilst I was interning for the beauty department at Look Magazine it inspired me that I would love to further my knowledge in beauty, it has been quite a journey so far but I feel very driven and excited to start my new career in beauty therapy! So i pack my vanity case full of equipment and off i strut to beauty school :-) wish me luck xx
x S x

Monday, 10 September 2012

Hot Essentials

Just returned from a week in Fuerteventura with my mum so apologies for no posts last week. Packing my suitcase I was very suprised that I managed to keep my clothing to a minimum which is very unusual for me as I usually have to do last minute sitting on the suitcase and squeezing hard on the zip to get it shut but actually I did well with keeping it light. My beauty products however took half my suitcase up, I did use all the products I took but I definetly need more in the sunny weather.

The picture is only of some of the products I took but I found I used quite alot for day and night.

 By Day
In the daytimes I was using sun tan lotion Hawaiian Tropic(pictured) aswell as Hawaiian Topic Dry Oil factor 15 these were 2 for 1 in boots and they smell absolutely amazing, I must admit I am addicted to coconut smells for summer though. I also took some P20 Sun Protection this was for trips out when I was on holiday as you only have to apply it once and it lasts all day, perfect for if you don't want to carry too much weight in your bag, must say though it is not a very nice smell but sometimes that must mean it works better (well hope so). I also have a Hawaiian Topic Lip Gloss which protects in the sun but I used Balmi Lip Balm in Coconut for obvious reasons mentioned above. To protect my hair from frizzyness I used Mark Hill Humidity Spray or The Body Shop Hair Shine both lovely smells, humidity spray left my hair a little greasy though.

By Night
After a day in the heat it was off to my apartment to get ready for the evening this ment shower, hair and makeup. Firstly shower I would wash with Radox Smoothie which smells great and is a mini exfoliator after being in the sun all day and topping up your tan the next day. Washing my hair with Clynol Shampoo and condition with Aussie Miracle Moist, before blow drying my hair I put Tony & Guy Heat Protection Spray in and then straighten with my Topshop Straightners which are a perfect size for holiday. Aftersun as it was 2 for 1 on Hawaiian Tropic Products we decided to get both gorgeous smelling body butter and boy! are they yummy and leave your skin feeling refreshed. Top it off with a little Chanel Coco Mademoiselle or Dior Hypnotic Poison.

Personally when I am on holiday and I start getting colour on my face the last thing I want to do is put makeup on just because I get a little too hot and it starts to melt and just generally makes me feel uncomfortable but that is a personal preference and totally understand why people do. I either put on eyeliner and mascara or just mascara, my mascara is YSL Shocking which is the best mascara a girl can have no need for false eyelashes and it gives a nice natural finish which is just what I need with my nice tanned face. Some nights I also wear eyeliner above my top lashes with a little flick at the ends for this I use my bargain wonder product of all which is 2True Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner perfect for a makeup look but with natural skin. I top it off with either some Hawaiian Tropic Lipgloss which i use in the daytimes of sun or I use a simple lipbalm to keep my lips looking soft.

x S x