Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Sun, Sea and Beauty

So its that time again for me I'm off on holiday to relax for a whole week, topping up on my tan and reading a book! So yesterday I went into town to get some new bits as I always like to have something I have never worn before when I go away...

I needed a new beach towel and spotted a tie dye one in H&M which I love (seen in the background).
My little perks of working in a salon I am being spray tanned before  but on holiday I will use Malibu dry oil love the smell!

I love Hawaiian Tropic also I have two of their after suns which soothe the skin and also use the SPF Lipgloss as that smells amazing.

I received some Anatomical Shower Gel and Scrub in my glossybox which is perfect to take away and exfoliate to make my tan last.

I really wanted a bright nail polish for my holiday so I saw a bright pink by China Glaze. When you put it on it comes up matte but the colour is gorgeous with a glossy topcoat also.

When I'm abroad I don't tend to wear lots of makeup in the evenings  so I just take a few essentials. As I have eyelash extensions also I tend not to put eye makeup on anyway just because I don't want to shorten the life of them. So I will take my MAC false eyelash mascara for my bottom lashes, Nars Blusher is anything favourite of mine in this bright pink and I will take some lipstick to add some colour such as MAC in a coral colour and recently a favourite is Jelly Pong Pong Lip Pen in Red.

To top it off I got this bright coloured flats from primark, love the colour and bargain price! Happy Days!

What are your holiday essentials? Do you do anything to prep beauty-wise for your holidays?

x S x

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